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Amana Ring

Amana Ring

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Introducing the Amana Ring, a true embodiment of timeless elegance and sophistication. This classic-style piece of jewelry effortlessly enhances any outfit, transcending the boundaries of occasion and elevating your style to new heights.


18K PVD Gold Plated
Cubic Zircone
Water Resistant

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Jewellery Care

Helping to take care of your jewellery - some general guidelines


  • Add jewellery last when dressing
  • Store carefully to avoid tangling and scratching
  • Handle with care and patience
  • Check fasteners periodically for wear and tear


  • Wear when bathing
  • Wear in bed
  • Wear when exercising
  • Wear when doing housework, D.I.Y., Gardening etc
  • Allow direct contact with perfume, hairspray, body lotions, foundations etc.
  • Use abrasive cleaners on jewellery
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